Is it difficult to build a website?    

  • Coding or technical skills – It is not difficult to build your website even if you don’t have technical or coding capabilities. There are platforms which allow you to build your website using drag and drop and in a modular way. WordPress, the main product, is opensource, free, and currently powers over 40% of all the websites of the world. So, you don’t really need technical or coding skills to build your website.
  • You understand your business, and how to showcase it – Ideally, your website needs to showcase your business. If you can do that, you can build an effective website, starting with a small one and growing it as your needs grow. This will avoid large upfront costs as well.
  • Will it consume a lot of time to build and maintain my website? – Let me ask you a question here, if you are building a showroom for your business, will it consume your time a lot? Well the website has a similar synergy. Some time will be needed, to build the content, learn the platform and build initially, but maintenance time and efforts will be minimal going forward. So just like any other startup unit, you will need to give some time, maybe not too much, and gradually reduce that involvement.
  • Can I use ready made designs to build my website? – This is a big plus for building your website, making the exercise very simple. Providers offer ready templates and designs to download, change a few things, add your pictures and content, and bingo, you web page is up. You save on time, execute faster and your online presence is quickly established.   
  • Are there ready to use platforms? – There definitely are a number of ready platforms to use. They link your domain name and map it to a sub-domain under their main domain. Some of these really make building your website easy. They will provide modules you can use and imbed along with your pictures, videos and content to help you build your website. Some popular ones are WIX, Squarespace, Dorik etc.

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