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Using my website for marketing

  • Create a presence – To use a website for marketing anything, you need to create a presence for the website. With the millions of websites in the internet world, you need to create your niche, so that people would want to come to your website for the things offered thereon. This makes 2 parameters very important, first the number of visitors to the website on a daily basis, and second the number of unique visitors. There is no optimum level, but the larger the better.
  • Publish your products / services – You should publish your products and services. Not just that, appropriate details should be provided in the listings. Ideally these products / services should be targeted at a specific segment of users, based on demographics, gender, age, interests and more. You can start with a small number and grow these over a period of time, based on the visitor and subscriber feedback received.
  • Showcase solutions and case studies – Once you have published your products / services, you need to start building trust and authenticity for new and existing visitors. You can create solution suggestions, workflows and plans, learning paths, modular product structures, knowledge streams, and these should showcase the value addition your website visitor can achieve. You can also showcase case studies of existing successful executions done by you and your team.
  • Use social reach – Social media reach is critical at this stage. Your prospective solutions and case studies need to be in the forefront of various visitors. People who can identify with these, will definitely reach out to you for a similar implementation. This will become a strong marketing pitch for you. Also, visitors wanting similar solutions will get converted to sales easily. They may reach out to you for more innovative solutions over a period of time.
  • Events announcements – Marketing involves conducting both offline and online events, meetings, conferences, workshops and more. Websites can be used along with the social media reach to announce such events and activities. The larger the turnout, the more it will convert to turnover. You pitch has to be focused, must contain the key niche thread and must showcase solutions. The reach is achieved by a combination of the website and social media.

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