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Website as a backup and growth tool

  • Website – a contingency for brick and mortar business – Recent COVID times proved that websites can be a contingency for a brick and mortar business. If appropriate supply chain / logistics solutions are bundled with it, the website becomes a strong backup for your physical store. Your customer can view your offerings, place orders, get delivery, communicate with you or your team using your website. It actually increases your reach to your customer.
  • Website business can be open 24/7 – A Website business can be open 24/7. There are conditions attached to this. For a small business more than 50-70% of the activities are not really dependant on time. Some activities like contacting support or sales may need the physical presence of resources and may have to be restricted to work hour slots. The digital offerings can operate 24/7, like coaching – training programs, product reviews, order placement, payment gateway activities and more.
  • Generating new revenue streams thru my website – New revenue streams can be generated through the website. During COVID, doctors, who always preferred the physical connect went online. I know a lot of artists, musicians, yoga and meditation providers, even gyms who found new ways of imparting their services and offerings through their websites. In fact you should actually treat it as a new business outlet.
  • Enhancement of reputation and trust by online – You can build trust and reputation by going online. People can reach your solution suggestions, workflows and plans, learning paths, modular product structures, knowledge streams, and understand the value addition on these through your website. You can showcase case studies of existing successful executions done by you and your team. This adds the reputation of successful completion of your projects.
  • Increase awareness and revenue – A website acts a business growth and a back tool for your business. You increase awareness and reach a larger audience, bundling it to social media. This is achieved at a cost much lower than the traditional forms of advertising. Your website users come to you with newer challenges they face pertaining to your niche. It helps increasing the revenue for your business, and also add new streams ancillary to your niche.

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