Often I get this question – Do I need a website?

Some statistics were recently published, which said 97% of urban consumers go to the web to find a local requirement.

If you want recognition for yourself or your knowledge, the easiest way to reach the people you influence is online.

For the last one year i.e. 2020-2021, the pandemic has driven a huge bunch of people use online mediums for promoting their business / work online. My own Rotary Club resisted online meetings a few years back, but have now gone to online meetings in view of the pandemic challenges.

Doctors, who always preferred you to visit their clinic, or a clinic they frequented, are now providing online consultation for almost 80-90% of the patients.

A website is your mirror for what you wish to do – a majority of the consumers are using it to find and engage with a business, or a subject matter expert, or even for arts. It has increased the reach of your offerings to larger audiences. Very recently, I saw on social media, the famous singer Neha Kakkar was offering a set of introductory singing classes online for a sum of just Rs. 499 (approx. $6.50). People do not recognize your offerings without a website.

If people need to find you, online is the best option, there are over 3.5 billion (350 crore) searches on Google per day. Even rural users are slowly moving to online connects.

In fact, if you need to connect with people, showcase your talents, highlight your services, make visible your products, whether or not you want to sell online, a website is a must.


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