The Types of Websites we can Build

The websites that can be built are numerous. The options will probably run into millions.

I discuss some types of popular websites that people build.

These include the blogging website, websites for non-profits, food websites – something everyone loves and of course a Fashion website.

After a Fashion website, you can quickly think of Beauty and Makeup. It is important to be fit, so, the next type is that of a Fitness trainer, followed by Yoga and Meditation for peace of mind.

In today’s stressful world, a humour and comedy website is quite popular. A number of corporate citizens have become standup comedians, and it goes a long way to release stress. Personal Finance websites help you manage your money, Pets are a source of inspiration, and the COVID stress has people turn artists or even share their craft creations.

Dance training and showcasing is also popular. You may want to share about travelogues, and of course a personal website stands out for showcasing both your personal and professional endeavours. You may use it to further your career or make a community of people having similar interests like you.

With more and more people hunting for jobs, professional resume writers are in good demand, and they use this type of website to showcase their work and gain clients. I have friends who share quotes to gain visibility, by building a website, you own the creation, and could use it to write a book as well. Coaching websites are very popular, and definitely if you want to sell your products, services and your talents, an e-commerce website is a must.

See this video to understand more on these.

Happy Learning… Hope to see you everyday on this series.

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