Tips for Building a good website

A Website business – As of date, it is not difficult to start a web design business. With a lot of things going online, the opportunities for this are huge, if pitched well. With the addition of social media marketing, the reach to newer audience is large.

Address a burning problem – Your website can go viral, if you can address a burning problem. People look forward to genuine content for their issues. Your solutions to the problem (one or more) becomes a key for your success.

Valuable Content – Web browsers really value content. A website with good and valuable content goes a long way in establishing credibility. Web browsers often rank these websites higher as compared to those using paid promotions for visibility.

Communities and Engagement – Building communities either on your website, or linked to your website adds a lot of engagement. Engagements add tremendously to a website value. The more the engagement, the more the value of the website.

Audience – Customer in mind – Always keep your audience / customer in mind when building / adding to your website. More they visit your website, more they will give you recognition. Believe me it is not about what you think, but about what they want.

See this video to understand more on these.

Happy Learning… Hope to see you again on this series.

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