Questions about a Blog

  • Do I need WordPress only to create my blog? – No, there are multiple platforms to create your blog. These can be 3rd Party hosted or self hosted. In the Self hosted category, you use the open source wordpress CMS software to build your blog, on your hosting space. In platform hosted,, Wix, Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly are popular. There are a large number of platforms available.
  • Do I need a hosting for my blog? – For any blog, internet server space is needed. This place is what we call hosting. For a self hosted platform, you need to lease hosting space from a hosting provider. Blogging platforms use their servers to provide space to you for hosting your blog, although you don’t notice that you are using it.
  • How should I name my blog? – Normally personal blogs are named after the person who is creating them, like Blogs can be named on the niche they capture, the industry and it’s segment, the topic or subject and also on the objective of the blog, like You can use a business name generator as well.
  • How do I define my blog Niche? – Defining a niche would be based on your objective of your prospective blog. If you want to blog so as to find a better job, you can share your experiences, knowledge etc. in the sphere where you want your career to proceed. For others, you should focus on sharing your knowledge and strength, with monetization in the long run.
  • What are the popular blogging streams? – Some popular blogging streams or niches are Personal Finance, Health and Wellness, Fashion, Travel, Gaming, Art & Crafts, Food, Digital Marketing and more. When you select a stream, keep your prospective audience in mind and how you will reach them. Social Media comes to your rescue here.

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