More on protecting my website – The Complete Video

Use Secure Hosting – Good Hosting providers provide server security features that help you protect your website. There are virus scanners and live protection tools implemented. Make sure it has what you need to keep your site secure. Recently, one of my hosting spaces almost got compromised, when someone tried imbedding a malware infected file via FTP somehow. My hosting stopped it, and I was notified.

Two Factor Authentication – A two-factor authorization helps securing a website considerably. You are immediately sent a text message with a phone number you registered with to confirm if it is you or you can use a code from some authenticator. If you didn’t log in, you should immediately change the password to secure your account.

Keep Updating – Every day, there are countless websites compromised due to outdated software. Potential hackers and bots are scanning sites to attack. Updates are critical to the health and security of your website. Updates often contain security enhancements and vulnerability repairs. Check your website for updates regularly. Make updating your website and its components a top priority.

Create Backups – Implement a good backup solution. Keep your website information off-site, maybe on a home computer or hard drive or the cloud. Do not store your backups on the same server as your website; they are as vulnerable to attacks too. The grandfather, father, son concept works best.

Define appropriate login rights – privileges – It may be easy for you to provide admin access to a number of people. Most of the web design platforms provide for multi-layer access. You may provide appropriate access to different users for accessing your website, This is also a key cornerstone in WordPress. Be sensible when it comes to user access. A content manager should access content areas only, and not admin change area, similarly an SEO manager should access only SEO areas, and a customer only specific product details and payment making / online authorized content access.

See this video to understand more on these.

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