Make Your Website Worthwhile

End in Mind – Build your website with the end in mind. Who will be your audience, your clients, your customers. What their needs really are. How and why can your website and your offerings benefit them. The website should have that focus, what it really wants to achieve. The entire flow of the website should be a direction to whatever you wish to achieve. The idea is to serve a need. This is what will make it popular and viral.

Simplicity is the key – For a website the KISS principle, Keep it simple stupid – really applies. If you want visitors to stay longer on your website, keep the content and its workflow simple. Content should be easily reachable and searchable.

Picture worth a million words – Use Pictures to add to your website story – a picture is worth a million words. Stories in text make things uninteresting, stories with pictures visually engage  and maybe sell. Just to add, even videos trigger the same effect, sometimes better. The pictures should be relevant and convey your message.

Limit Movement – On your website, limit the moving components. Some make it great, but an overdose kills. This includes animations, transitions, excessive videos. One client asked me to add 15 videos to the home page, just killed his website. Animations, videos are good in limits.

A Mobile Friendly Website – In today’s world, mobile is the fastest reach for a website. It’s a no-brainer that the website should be mobile friendly, easy to view and navigate on a mobile. Most search engines don’t rank a website well if it’s not mobile friendly. Most platforms today provide mobile friendly structure. One thing that usually fails in auto-adjustment are the fonts which may need tweaking manually for a mobile.

See this video to understand more on these.

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