The 5 Essentials of Building a website

Domain Registration – This is the first essential thing to build a website. You need to have an internet name, which translates into an address where your internet presence will be based out of. You do get free domain names from some providers, but these are not recommended for a website with a serious objective. They can be used for practice.

Hosting Registration – Once you have purchased the domain, you need internet space to load your website to. This is similar to a physical premises of a physical world, like a house where you or your business resides. This is the second key essential for building a website.

Choosing the platform – You then need to plan and build the structure. The internet world provides for a number of technologies to build your website. In the physical world, you can build your premises either from concrete, or use temporary construction, or use frame based structure. This is the third key essential for building a website.

Planning Content – Now you need to plan and structure what you should put in your website. These would include products and services that you offer, or informational stuff you want to show to the world. This is like adding your various offerings through your shop or services. This is the fourth key essential for building a website.

Maintenance and Updates – Finally once your online shop or premises is built in the internet world, you need to replenish the products and services, do regular maintenance and cleanup of your premises. This is the fifth key essential for building a website.

See this video to understand more on these.

Happy Learning… Hope to see you everyday on this series.

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