Some Dont’s for a Great Website:

Don’t Confuse – If you distract or confuse your visitors, they will need more time to find what they need. They will not find your website as user-friendly and chances are that they leave dissatisfied and with no intention of coming back. Don’t confuse, be straight forward.

Don’t be Salesy – The audience of your website is usually sceptical of anything that sounds “salesy.” If your website could speak to them, they’d say, “Just the facts, please.” Audience of your website is likely to be impatient. If they can’t quickly find what they want, they’ll move on.

Restricted content type – You cannot share any content on your website. Since websites offer open access, it needs to avoid any form of violent or gambling or offensive content. Most hosting providers have this restriction added to their terms & conditions.

SEO with caution, value first – Don’t just jump in for SEO implementations. Often they do result in people reaching your website, but if your website does not add value, people just tend to bounce off and do not go through what you offer.

Avoid Clutter – Plan your website. Don’t randomly add content, sections, pages and posts to your website. You don’t need to add everything, focus on the key objective of the website. Your web design should always focus on enhancing the user experience. Ensure standard, easy-to-use, and familiar designs.

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