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Myths About WordPress Debunked

  • WordPress is only a blogging Tool – WordPress started as a blogging tool only. It is opensource and free, so it gained popularity. Over the last decade it has grown from being just a blogging tool to a complete website builder, when supported by the plugins available. As on date over 40% of the websites of the world are built on WordPress.
  • WordPress is Slow – WordPress is a modular tool. It get’s enhanced by the use of a very large number of plugins existing, and being built everyday. As one adds these plugins, they do add processing time to the website. A number of plugins do not really bother about optimization, and our poor WordPress gets blamed. There are plugins and ways to speed up a wordpress website, though a coded website does outperform.
  • WordPress is Scalable – WordPress is definitely scalable. Being modular, you will have the option to expand your website as you grow, both in terms of the content and more so in terms of increasing functionality by use of Plugins. There are a large number of plugins, both free and paid available for expansion. WordPress has proved to be the most scalable platform in the last decade.
  • WordPress is Free – The core wordpress is opensource and thus completely free. You can just download and install the same. You get all the updates, features, security patches and more for free. However, the way the developers earn is by providing for paid or freemium plugins for adding and enhancing functionality, the design themes can also be free or paid, based on the features available. I can say you will get 80-90% of your requirements for free. Just invest your time.
  • WordPress is Hackable – Being open source, the possibility of getting hacked is relatively high for WordPress Websites. We get carried away by plugins, and use them to add more functionality, and in this journey, we forget to add the plugins which help us protect the website from bots, malware attacks, DDoS attacks, by adding firewalls, reCAPTCHA and malware and DDoS protection modules for safety.

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