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Key resistances in building a website   

  • Cost & the unknown around it – One big reason for people to avoid building a website is the UNKNOWN  around the cost that one has to incur. On social media or search engines, your variations are huge starting from about $50 going very high, like $1000 to even $2000 or in INR, Rs. 2999 to about Rs. 150000 or more. Every vendor commands a different price, and it confuses you as to what is genuine for your needs. You need to specify your requirements properly to get a reasonable deal, and this is usually not very expensive..
  • Business does not need a website – A lot of people feel that their business does not need a website. Maybe because it is too local, it’s too small, their product needs a physical presence and visibility. Websites are not just used to sell products or services. Their reach is far fetched, and you can do a bunch of things with them. Having a website is surely a plus at a low incremental cost.
  • I don’t have the content – Think of the times when you made your first marketing brochure. You never had content, but you created some. That pitch, that customer quote, that explanation by which you convince your client / customer, you just need to pen down the same, and that becomes your content. So, stop using that as an excuse and go online.
  • Fear of the unknown in technology – For websites, the technology is vast and varied. Also, when the website designers and developers talk to you, often they overwhelm you with tech talks, in a bid to create an impression. In a way it is true also, and these tech people have knowledge of some limited areas only. In today’s scenario, you have platforms which give you a drag and drop builder to build. So dispel this fear, and make your presence felt online.
  • Webdesigner doesn’t understand my business – Often the web designers and developers are so engrossed in the technology they know, they completely forget your angle. They do not attempt to understand your business, your requirement. So talk to a a few such resources around you, and assess who best understands your requirement and business. I am sure you will overcome this challenge.

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