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DIY and Growth of a Website

Non-Tech way to build a Website – Do you know you can build your own website without being technical? There are multiple options available. And these options are modular. Right from writing a blog, to building a specific purpose website, to even self hosting platforms, you can easily create your website will a short learning curve. These can grow as your needs grow.

Keep it Expandable – Use a website platform which is expandable. You should be able to grow your website as your business / website interaction grows. A modular platform is recommended, so that you can add functionality as you grow. All the new CMS platforms include this.

Stages of a Website – Normally websites start with being an informational website, it talks about you, what you want to achieve, your audience engagement takes precedence. At the next stage, you can add some more activities, like appointment booking, links to buy some products / services, slowly graduating into an e-commerce or a coaching site, growing into a community or a tribe, supporting a large number of users, and eventually turning into a complete marketing and shopping platform for your products and / or services.

Link your Social Media – Social media is roaring now-a-days. The website should contain links to your social medial platforms and also buttons to share your website content on their social media. This is where your website visibility really starts. Add visibility with Social Media.

Social proofs critical – Social proofs are critical for websites. Customer testimonials, case studies, clients served, product / service walk-thrus, all add the trust factor to your website. This may take time to build, but must be presented effectively. Reviews go a long way in establishing the social credibility. Videos are a great medium for this.

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