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Deliver Value with Commitment

  • Adding Value – When you write blogs, keep sharing them to your social media. If they add value, your audience will get attracted and you can build a following and a tribe to grow your website. Ask your friends and relatives to share these links, for a wider reach.
  • Deliver Value – Give value to your audience using your website. Don’t just push sales. Don’t fall for the discounting / ridiculous pricing methods. If your articles and blogs add value, it will induct trust in your audience, and sales will follow automatically. See your tribe grow – content is valuable.
  • Content based marketing – Content based marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful tool to gain recognition. Publish regular blogs in your area of expertise – the objective of the website. Regular and structured sharing helps you rank higher on search engines, creates interest for your audience to revisit your website.
  • Make contacting Easy – Build an easy means for your website audience to reach you. It could be a chat bot, a contact form, a Whatsapp button – you can use any medium. This format should be simple, with minimal information to fill, so that a visitor can reach you fast. Phone, email, Whatsapp, Form, make it simple.
  • Be Responsive – A personal and speedy response is also critical. Reply to your audience ASAP. Often you get spam connects especially through contact forms. You have to be smart to analyse the spam from genuine outreaches. Spam messages usually do not relate to your website’s objective.

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