Earn Money Building Websites

Do you recognize this opportunity in the virtual world today?

Pre-registration for free Web Lecture
Debunk the 3 Myths of Web Development

Target schedule – Sunday 11.00am / Wednesday 7.30pm


A big wave is coming. There is a boom in online business, sales, demos, trainings, coachings.  Even traditional businesses are prospecting online presence. Can you tap into this opportunity?

  • Are Techies the only lot that can support this growth?
  • Do you need to be technical?
  • What tools can non-technical people use?

Build your freelancing website development business and an additional income in just 8-12 weeks, or save cost by building your own website.

Good Program for:
  • Building a Freelancing Business
  • Starting an alternate income stream
  • Website DIY
  • Saving costs for a small startup businesses
  • Building a virtual business
  • Gaining recognition with a blog
  • Showing your Charity endeavors
  • For an e-commerce platform
  • To showcase your art or crafts or passion
  • Reaching the world with your niche

You know your business / your friends requirements, why hire a developer?

Program Levels:
  • Introductory – This program
  • Kickstarter – Buy domain, hosting and install wordpress. Your first website ready in just about 10-15 days. Get enabled for self learning. Use free domain and hosting for practice.
  • Design Intensive – The complete design program for the website. In 2-3 months, learn and build and also get trained in the intricacies of a wordpress build. Get ready to start building for clients. Get one installation of a Professional Theme worth $250 free.
  • Business Projectile – Learn about the high end modules, like e-commerce, LMS / coaching and a lot of special features of the website. 
Program Bonus:
  • A free 9 point checklist on registration
  • If you wish to outsource your website development to us, a 20% discount on the design and development charges.
Coming Soon:
  • Finance Programs
  • Finance for Non-Finance
  • Cash Flow
  • Six Sigma Streams
  • Lean Programs
  • Supply Chain